Isaiah, Theo, and Ben

“Our hearts sank today.  It was hard news hearing that there were three new masses.”  Those are words taken from Ursula’s Melanoma blog.  A separate post reads “A “good outcome” could be a few extra months of life.”

Ursula is the mother of these three sweet boys.  I can’t imagine the pain that is being felt in this family right now.  I can however, see, and feel the love that she is pouring in to the boys.  Ursula’s smile alone is enough to tell the world that she is soaking up every single moment that comes with watching your child play, learn, and grow.  Hoping, each moment, that she can fight the odds to continue to watch them grow.

Please visit her blog – her story.  A family’s story of courage and hope as Ursula makes the long trip every week to New York, for treatment that everyone is praying will work for her.  We would love it if you would share her story,   or even your WestJet air miles or Aeroplan air miles to help her with the trips. Her wish is that her fight will spread awareness about sun safety.  Ursula is a physician herself, and explains that nobody understands why the prevalence of this aggressive cancer is rising so fast. But: you can protect your kids with good SPF sunscreen — and definitely don’t allow your teenage girls anywhere near a tanning bed!

 This “Dear 16 year old me” video has made the rounds a few times but it’s always worth watching again.
A transfer of your Airmiles can be made as follows:

Aeroplan (Air Canada) miles: Her brother Andrew has arranged a special account so that people can transfer miles without incurring the usual penalty. It can be done by going to the following link:

Westjet: To request a transfer, email, and someone will contact you to confirm the details.

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  • Arina - I know it is just a dream, but I would like to believe that this strong woman will have enough time to see her children grow up.