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Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting some headshots for Ilona.  Ilona is an actress currently working in the UK.  We had fun walking the streets of Inglewood in Calgary which is where I do most of my headshot sessions.  It’s like having my very own studio with a million different options and beautiful light as well.  We did notice that things are changing as the master plan for the revitalization in Inglewood  is beginning to take place.

Some of my favorite walls have been torn down or painted different colors.  It is both discouraging and encouraging at the same time.  I am hoping (and I’m sure many other Calgary Photographers are hoping) that some of our beautiful photographic spaces are kept in tact but it will also be nice to see the new plans as they unfold and begin to make the community a safer and more desirable place to be.

Meet Ilona, beautiful inside and out…

calgary headshots il3

calgary headshots il2

calgary headshot il

calgary headshots il4

calgary headshots il5

calgary headshots il6

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  • Jen Harr - Beautiful everything!

  • Anne P - OH…these are so amazing! Great work

  • julie - beautiful! The subject and images. Love it all.

  • Janet - Gorgeous Michelle. Every one.

  • Jessi - BEAUTIFUL! Love the color choice of the bright blue!

  • Lindsay - Wow, these could be in a magazine! Beautiful work as always, Michelle!

  • jodie - This woman is gorgeous! Beautiful pictures.. love the variety.


  • Nicole Z - Gorgeous, your images and llona! Her eyes are breathtaking!! Beautiful work!

  • Jill - Wow, she is beautiful! You did a fantastic job. I love seeing her eye color against the blue wall.

  • mollie - goodness she is just stunning- these are amazing.

  • amanda - oh so beautiful michelle!! love the variety!

  • Shannon - WOW! She is stunning. Her eyes are just amazing.

  • Kristi - I can’t even pick a favorite, they are all so good! Beautiful work Michelle!!

  • Terra - she is gorgeous,wow!! Love the lighting in these all the great locations!

  • April - Wow, she is gorgeous! My favorite is the one with her standing in front of that awesome blue wall (4th set down).

  • Kim Fordham - Wow, she’s gorgeous and has the most stunning eyes. Great job!

  • kim - BEAUTIFUL. her eyes are amazing.

  • Lisa Holloway - Wow, she is gorgeous! Her eyes are amazing!

  • J'Lynn - Wow these are stunning!!!