I love my 70 – 200 lens!

I wish I wouldn’t forget how much I LOVE my Canon 70 – 200 lens.  I tend to leave it in my bag because it’s a bit of a monster.  Heavy, a bit awkward… but then, I see something I want to capture from a little further away, so as to not ruin the moment with my presence, so I quickly rip it out of the bag, attach it and bam.  Love the image. With this particular photo that I just finished editing, the moment is loved just as much.  Such a sweet mother and daughter photo.  A kiss can fix almost anything and in this case, it did.  I wish it was still this colourful outside now.  Instead, the city of Calgary is covered with a heavy blanket of snow.  Sigh. Is it too much to hope for a few more days in the 20 degree range do you think?

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  • Yvonne - Lovely moment captured.