Hot Air Balloons High River Championship

When I was little I can remember getting up on the week-ends and the first thing I would do is look out my bedroom window to see if there were hot air balloons in the air.  If there were, I’d jump off my bed, run down the stairs and out the front door.  Sometimes by myself, sometimes with my little sister.  We would stand in the middle of the crescent and wave and wave and yell hello to the unkown people that we thought were just amazing.  If it was a good day they would call back and sometimes have a little conversation.  We couldn’t believe that they were so high up and yet they could still hear our little voices.

If it was a really good day we would convince mom and dad to jump in the car and try to follow them.  Sometimes we chose the right path and we would watch them land.  I’ve always loved them, I’ve even been a crew member a few times and I’ve gone on flights.  I’ve taken off two different times, and I’ve landed just once.  Try to figure that one out.  It’s a tough one right?  I jumped out.  For reals.  With a parachute on of course.  It was one of the most awesome experiences of my life.  I sat on the edge with my feet inside and my back facing outwards.  And then, with a deep breathe I leaned back and fell into the emptiness.  It was so incredibly quiet compared to jumping from an airplane. Tumbling in a back somersault with a feeling of falling like I’ve never felt before in my life.  There is no roller coaster that can come close to how I felt in that moment.  Butterflies in my stomach, heart in my throat.  I remember it so clearly.  Opening my eyes to see my sweetie (now my husband) beside me and then the tug of my parachute opening over my head and gliding peacefully to the ground.

I miss those hot air balloons.  Every now and then there will be one or two flying over Calgary and I’ll go outside to watch them.  I don’t call out but I still wave.  🙂 Imagine my excitement today when I discovered there would be 20 taking off all at one time in High River tonight.  Today was a good day.

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  • Jenelle - I love this post so much…and every photo you have shared – so much color, adventure and a hot air balloon totally makes me think happy + peaceful! Would have been fascinating to stand there in person!!