he makes me laugh . calgary childrens photographer

This is the person that brightens my every single day.  He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he makes me play games all day and almost beats me when we play memory.  He keeps me young and keeps me happy.  He is the one that once upon a time told me “mom, if you ever get eaten by a monster I will save you.” and then after hesitating for a moment added “but only if he just holds you in his mouth for a little while but doesn’t chew you up”.  How sweet is that?

He’s the one that just this week was left with the task of babysitting his big sisters Baby Alive doll while she was at school.  He was sitting on a chair feeding her, loving her, singing to her, stroking her hair and watching Cat in the Hat on Tv.  After a few moments of loving the baby he asked her politely “could you please just be quiet.  I’m trying to watch Cat in the Hat”.

When he was two he used to ride an imaginary motorcycle around the house.  It was a very noisy motorcycle and after the cuteness of it all wore off it got to be a little bit annoying with everything else that goes on in a home with seven people.  Terry (Dad) asked him to stop riding it for a while and when he didn’t listen Terry went over to him, and “took” his motorcycle away and put it in the pantry.  Adam was so upset and started to cry and asked “how can you do that to a little boy”.  It’s an imaginary motorcycle.  It can’t be taken away.  To him though, it was real.

Moments to remember..



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  • michelle - oh goodness. he is just so sweet. i love your story. so fun to catch up on your blog with my coffee this afternoon. gorgeous as always. xoxo

  • Emmy - oh michelle he is just the sweetest – you are so blessed!

  • Jessi - gotta cherish these moments! What a handsome boy you have!!

  • Chelsey - He’s such a sweetheart … but I think you already knew that 😉

  • kim burnham - and he’s oh so adorable! beautiful words and captures michelle:)

  • Melanie - Gotta love them little boys!!!

  • jacquie - Yep – he makes me smile every time I am around him. You’re a lucky mom!

  • Ilene - That is the cutest/funniest story! You definately have a very cute family!