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I think I have!  I’m still not done my shopping and haven’t done any baking.  I’m embarrassed to admit we just put up our Christmas tree last night.  On the plus side though, Terry and I have produced a child that can put the angel on the top of the tree without a chair.  Crazy.  If you know us, that is hard to believe.  We are not tall by any means and really did not expect to have any children over five foot five.  Good thing this one got some “tall genes”.

On to the gift certificates…  Maybe last week was okay for shopping and brought on a little Christmas spirit but this week and next week will probably just bring out the crazy.  Not that there is anything wrong with crazy.  I personally just like to avoid it whenever possible. F0r those of us in Calgary that don’t really love to spend their time shopping in the malls this close to Christmas or are wonderful procrastinators, I have a wonderful idea!  Why not purchase a gift certificate to create a gift that keeps on giving.  Oh boy… did I just say that?  Really though… who doesn’t love a beautiful family photo storybook or a portrait (that they love) hanging on the wall?  I know your head is spinning right now.  You’re trying to come up with someone that wouldn’t want to have that.  Maybe there is someone out there, who knows.  Maybe not.  Anyway – back to the gift certificates…. read on.

Gift certificates are available in any denomination $400.00 and up.  Certificates over $500.00 will include a free 8 x 10 portrait.

This next option isn’t for everyone but if you really really love someone, or are a past client that is planning on having portraits done next year anyway, you can purchase the digital package gift certificate which will include your session and digital files and save you $250.00.  The cost for this is $1200.00

The best part is that even if it is December 23rd and you still haven’t finished your shopping all it takes is one phone call to get this set up!  Don’t procrastinate any more.  Give a gift they will love forever.

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