Greater Goods {Calgary headshots}

If you love shopping local in Calgary and haven’t yet popped in to Greater Goods in Bridgeland, I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful boutique that has only been open for a couple of weeks. What an absolute pleasure it was meeting so many of the artists and learning a little bit about their creations. Looking at (and photographing) the store and products was wonderful but learning about the little details brought a whole new appreciation to the art on the shelves.

A few random things to think about as you wander through the store:

  • One of the guys that makes the cutting boards – he doesn’t like hugs. 🙂
  • Itty bitty earrings can be made of old skateboards – which are made of coloured wood – which makes for beautiful jewelry. Next time you see a skateboard roll by, think about that!
  • The mugs in the store with the ships on them? Or the owls? Not only are the mugs made by hand, the images on them are drawn by hand! Think of the time that takes – and the love put in to it.
  • If you move one of the products in the store and put it back even a millimeter out of place it will magically go back to its spot and you probably won’t even notice. But you will notice how lovely the shop looks every time you go in.
  • The Cat colouring book lady – I’m pretty sure she said she is allergic to cats. So she’s not a cat lady. Just in case you wondered.
  • If you wear Friday socks every day does that mean every day is Friday? No? At least you’ll be happy when you look at your feet.
  • The Mindful ABC’s book isn’t just an ordinary children’s book. It might just make your life better. Really.
  • Most of the artists in the shop have blue eyes. When I Googled to see if that meant that people with blue eyes are more creative, I came up with nothing… which was disappointing. I thought I was on to something there.

Buy local and take a DIY class, have a cup of tea or coffee, shop for gifts, support your neighbours, or develop your own social, business, and creative goals – all in one inspiring place!

Shopping is a relaxing, rewarding experience that also makes a local mark at Greater Goods, a collaboration among three like-minded Calgary businesses in Bridgeland’s historic De Waal Block.  A tea bar with loose-leaf teas, drip coffee, and a daily selection of treats from local baker Pretty Sweet welcomes you to work, meet, or take a moment for yourself out of your day.  While you’re there, shop from a huge range of local handcrafted goods from Crafted (including ceramics, leather, greeting cards, home décor, and art), jewelry by Salt Water Tea, and bath and body products by Mint & Daisy.  Everything was made by Canadian artisans, most of them in the Calgary area, so you can know that treating yourself or hosting a coffee meeting keeps your impact in your community. Read more….

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