Gabe, Jen and Aisha | calgary maternity portraits

I met up with Jen and Gabe last week for maternity pictures before they meet their new little one on Friday.  Gabe is the amazing photographer of perspectiveye.   Doing portraits of his family was a little bit stressful for me.  After all, not only is his work amazing but I’m so grateful for everything he has done for myself, my business and my skills as a photographer.  I know I would not be where I am without he and Jen in my life.

Thankfully, I didn’t need to be stressed.   Wait, I should rephrase that.  I needed to be stressed before they arrived and I was scoping out the place for areas to shoot.  I screamed and ran for my life when two overly large birds flew out from behind a fence I walked around.  Partridges?  Grouse?  Do we have those here?  After that, I threw a board in to the barn figuring if there were more birds inside they would fly out.  I threw it, nothing happened.  I wandered in, totally at ease and confident that my scare tactics had worked.  Nope.  Again, I found myself screaming and ducking so I didn’t get hit in the head by a bird.  I must have looked ridiculous.  I’m not even really a fraidy cat!  I’ve been on farms all of my life.  I’m tough, or so I thought.  Anyway, Gabe and Jen were wonderful and took it easy on me.  Probably because they saw in my face when they arrived that I had already been traumatized.  I don’t know.  🙂

Aisha is such a cutie and had so much fun hanging out with her Mom and Dad and being tossed in the air while we waited and hoped for the sun to peek out (it didn’t).  She is a little daredevil and almost gave me a heart attack.  🙂  It is hard to imagine little Aisha as a big sister but she will be wonderful I’m sure.

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  • kim burnham - wow! look at that little girl fly! great capture!!

  • ingrid - WOW!!! Not only do i LOVE these pic’s but it is so great to see Gabe, Jen & Aisha again (even if just ‘virtually’)! Beautiful work Michelle. Congrats to Gabe & Jen – we can’t wait to meet your new family addition :o)

  • Cousin Dave - Gabe and Jen! Congratulations – Beautiful Family! Ingrid would kill me if I launched Bianca that high in the air… xodw

  • kim - these are stunning Michelle. I love them all, but I am lol over the little girl in the sky…she looks like she is flying. TOO cute!

  • patti m - my gosh Michelle… LOVE these!! amazing connections!! The colour is scrumptious!! I adore the one with the littel girl in the air, cooooool comp!!! love them all!!

  • Shannon - Fantastic. I love this session and I am sure they are thrilled as well.

  • Lindsay - What beautiful images… so endearing!!! I agree, the “flight” image is a favorite, but as always they are all amazing! 🙂

  • jen - thank you so much Michelle for these awesome images…it is so rare I get photos of Gabe!! I love all of them!

  • Julie - Gorgeous images. I’m always happy when photographers see the importance of doing this for themselves as well. Love your work- so clean. Good luck Gabe. Lucky little baby to be born into such a loving and adoring family.

  • Michael Wachniak - I LOVE these! what an amazing session! 🙂 The last image and the ‘flight’ shot are my faves 🙂

  • cindy - Wonderful images, Michelle! I can’t believe Aisha is so big already! When I met Gabe in Vegas, she was just a baby.