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Life seems a bit crazy for everyone with children right now.  The lazy days of summer long over.  School finally feeling more “normal” than a few weeks ago.  Activities in full swing.   Parents are busy driving all over town with their children in tow.  Rushing to get to the next thing happening in someone’s life.  Yet… they still take time out to capture the moments of their children.  I think they actually enjoy it.  Just a small space in time where everyone can enjoy each other.  No worries of what’s for dinner or where who has to be in a half hour.  Let it all go and just have some fun.

I watched this family as they approached me, kids a little apprehensive, parents tentative smiles.  I’m thinking to myself “they’ve done this before”, but I don’t think they liked it.  Maybe I’m right and maybe I’m wrong but I loved to watch as their personalities emerged.  Quiet and subdued slowly became fun and bubbly.  See for yourself…



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  • Jenelle Quigley - Michelle you did an amazing job!! gorgeous family portraits – their personalities, love and the setting!

  • Tammy - Michelle,
    Tammy here (the Mom in these pictures). You’re intuition is right….we’ve only ever done studio portraits before and the experience was….stressful to put it mildly. We enjoyed this relaxed, outdoor setting a LOT more…and as you correctly pointed out the result is our real personalities were able to emerge more easily…which is what we really want to be able to capture and remember!!!

    Thanks for sharing this sneak peak with us. I can’t wait to see the rest!!!!