Fish Creek Park…

I bought a new lens while I was at the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) convention in Las Vegas. It has been one that I have been wanting for eons but was too afraid to spend the money on. I finally decided I absolutely could not live without it so I called Terry and since he missed me so much I pretty much had him convinced as soon as he said “hello”. It cost nearly as much as my camera, I’m almost scared to use it but it is sooooo worth it. We were out at Fish Creek Park tonight and I decided to practice on Adam who just happens to be the only willing subject left in my family.

It is going to take some practice in order to be able to use the lens the way I want to, which is with this gorgeous bokeh, aka “out of focus background”. I could easily set my camera to a safer aperture but I love the look this creates. These photos are definitely not technically perfect but isn’t he just the cutest? A little girly maybe, but cute nonetheless and if you heard him make car and motorcycle noises while he is playing you’d see he is all boy. ha ha.

He is laughing because the grass was blowing in the wind and tickling him. He thought is was just hilarious.







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  • Jenica - Ohhhhhhhh…… What’d ya get?? These photos look great!! You can tell it’s good glass!!

    And the boy is darling. Reminds me of my son giggling like that…

  • PattiS - What sweet captures! LOVE the expression in that first one. 🙂

  • judy - Michelle

    I’m sure this will prove absolutely the best for you

    I love looking at your website and seeing the pictures. Adam is so cute, cute and takes great pictures

    So enjoyable