Evan and Sarah

I’m not sure when our oldest son grew up but apparently it happened! Last year he hiked the West Coast Trail with 3 friends and I seriously thought they would all starve to death. After all he barely knew how to cook a frozen pizza.  Or maybe they would freeze to death after a big rain because would he really know how to dry his gear if it got soaked? He was my little guy and I worried the whole time. They had a wonderful time, didn’t get lost, and came home dry and well fed. It was then that I realized he was a grown up!

After that he met Sarah who’s been in his life for 9 months already. They are off on a road trip in California right this moment. (It’s not nearly as scary for me this time). Right before they left I took them out and did a photo session at Fish Creek. He’s still my little boy, but he’s all grown up.

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  • Carrie - Beautiful photos, beautiful couple

  • Sarah Ripley - I’m so thankful to be apart of this loving family and I hope I never have to leave! And I am as equally grateful that Michelle takes the most amazing pictures! Thanks a bunch!