Dancing in the sun…


Yes, I should really really be sleeping! I just finished edited a session and just HAD to take a quick peek at these photos that I took on Friday night. I was excited about them when I took them but was a good girl and got what had to be done first before I even looked at them. I was super super excited when I did finally see them and I had to share them.

These two girls are cousins and are special to me so that made this so much mroe fun. They hadn’t seen each other in a while and really had a great time together this week-end. It all started with some fun in the grass. They danced, they giggled, they ran… they just enjoyed the sunshine and each other and I snapped happily away.




bbmg_5918a.jpg bbmg_5921a.jpg

bbmg_5880a.jpg bbmg_5882a.jpg





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  • Bobbi_Lynne - wow!
    these are awesome, great job! Thank-you