something special…

There really is something special about larger families.  I’m not just saying that because I have one either.  I love watching an older sibling help out with a younger one, or seeing two of the kids disappear together to play and know that they will watch out for each other.  Families that have a few children almost always have Dads that pitch in more than the average Dad, a gesture that creates a special bond between father and child.  Yes, Mom has more to do but the children also have more responsibilities.  Unless you have a large family or are close to one, you probably don’t see these wonderful things.  You see chaos and confusion and noise.  I’m not denying that all of those things come with the package… but with the wonderful things that happen on most days when you least expect them it more than makes up for the craziness.

Meet Melanie’s family complete with a new baby, wonderful children and a hands on husband…

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  • Shannon - Such beautiful captions! Love the one with them on the bed together and of baby in the wee bed! Beautiful family!

  • laurie - wow- love the first one… they are all great though!

  • Chelsey - Awww, I love it! So true, too, about the larger family. This definitely makes me want more! Two & seven couldn’t be more perfect. Such great smiles!

  • Cheryl Johnson - its an art to be able to capture the spirit of a family in a relaxed and natural way – looks like you are the expert for sure 🙂 fab images Michelle

  • Carrie Young - Wow Michelle! These are just beautiful. Some really gorgeous captures 😀

  • amanda andrews - LOVE these michelle! beautiful job!

  • Julie Ranee - Such a beautiful family! You have captured them well! I’m loving the one with all of them on the bed. The boy’s expression is priceless!

  • Natasha Whiteley - oh my gosh!
    what a beautiful family ?
    you captured them perfectly

  • Melanie - Oh Michelle – I just can’t stop looking at these!! I absolutely love them! Thank you for spending your time and patience capturing my family!!