Cashton and Georgia . calgary baby photographs

One little girl with all teeny tiny little girl features and one little boy that looks just like his Dad.  We are planning on doing another session when they are a little bigger and I can’t wait to see their Mom again and see how they have grown.  I wonder if Cashton will still be so much bigger than his little sister?

of course we wanted to do some images that would include their heritage.  No, those are not the gloves of a giant,

they are just normal sized gloves.  See how tiny these two are?

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  • Claire Benson - Yuppers – these two sweet angels are gourgeous AND they are MY brother and sister! I am so proud and love them like crazy. Beautiful photo shoot!

  • Emmy - Michelle these are too precious for words! The ones of them together with their little hands – sigh! I could look at your images all day long.

  • Chelsey - Wow, they are just so tiny. And so beautiful. Love seeing the babies you work with Michelle!

  • maria lang - wow – so tiny! these are so sweet!

  • Morgan Chapman - Lovely!

  • Patti m - Sooooo cute and tiny!!! Awwww