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If there is anything more sweet than 1 baby it is 2.  Meet Caroline and Paul.  Totally sweet, very busy and quite honestly they scared the pants off me.  I’d forgotten how capable and tough 1 year olds are.  I’ve been photographing so many babies that are under 6 months old and then I seem to get the toddlers that are 2.  There is a huge change that takes place in that short time period.  These 2 were crawling all over the place.  Climbing off and on to their rocking horse and hurtling themselves at their stuffed bear.  I think my heart came close to stopping about a million times.  I was tired just watching them.  When I picked them up though they felt so warm and sweet and snuggly.  Still babies underneath all that bravery.

Calgary Photographer3

Calgary Twins Portraits Loe

Calgary Twins Photographers Lo

Calgary Twins Photographer Loe

Calgary Baby Pictures Loe2

Calgary Baby Portraits Loe

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  • Jessi - terrific images and adorable subjects! What fun you’ve had going into home lately!!

  • Haleigh Rohner - Michelle, these photos are great! I love that first one of them giving the bear loves! So cute!

  • Terry McKaig - cute, cute, cute…….love that they are kissing the bear! You captured the kids being kids…….love that!!

  • Kate - Great shots! They are darling!

  • Carla Loeppky - Beautiful photos! Can’t wait to see the rest :)!

  • Shannon - Adorable they are so cute. I love the light in your image with Mom!