Road Racing…

Just a few images from the AMRA road racing event near Race City Speedway in Calgary last week-end. It was a great day for racing, warm, sunny and with just a bit of a breeze to keep everyone from overheating. There was quite a bit of excitement with the kids racing when Allysa nearly overtook a “boy” and everyone was hooting and hollering. She was soooo close too! Way to go Allysa, great riding.

Our son is on bike number 4 (red). This was his first road race. I asked him the other night on our way home from our “date” what his favorite racing was. I was not surprised when he said road racing. While he was racing I kept on getting a picture in my head of him riding on the city streets as a teenager. I have a scary feeling that he will look just like this. I mentioned it to Terry and he said “wouldn’t you rather he was trained properly and aware of what is going on around him, like in a racing environment? We wouldn’t want him buying his first bike and taking it on the streets without this knowledge”. He has a point but really, I’m his Mom, heck, it’s my job to worry. There was a crash this week-end, with one of the kids coming off her bike and rolling 4 or 5 or maybe even 6 times, at high speed, across the pavement and I cried. She immediately came to her feet and waved her arms in the air to let us know she was ok and she’s not my daughter but still, I had tears in my eyes. sigh. I wasn’t meant to be a racing Mom. Anyways – a few shots…. enjoy.



bmg_5306a.jpgbmg_5303a.jpg bmg_5256a.jpg





bmg_5494a.jpg bmg_5501a.jpg



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