Calgary Mini Road Race Championships – Calgary, Alberta

I spent the day today down at the Stampede Grounds in the Round-up Centre, and an exciting day it was. Riley (our second oldest) raced in the championships yesterday, today and will race again tomorrow. He put a great effort forward as you will see in the pictures, and in the determination on his face. They call him “The Wild Man” and with good reason. He gets out there on the track and he just gives it all he’s got. He had a few spills but brushed them off and ran back to jump on his bike while I tried to slow my beating heart and look like I was fully contained while inside I was a nervous wreck. Ah, the joys of having children in dangerous sports.

So did he win? No, darnit, he didn’t. He did however, come in second place for all of the 6 (i think? or maybe 5?) races that he was in. Way to go Riley, we are all super proud of you!

Tomorrow I’ll have some of the other racers pictures up, of course I had to peek at our own first and now it’s already after 11:00 and we have another big day tomorrow. If you are looking for pictures of yourself, I am going to put all of the ones that I took yesterday, and will take tomorrow, on my website. They will be on the main website under “client proofing” and the password to get into the gallery will be amra. AND, speaking of AMRA (Alberta Mini Roadrace Association), thank you so much for the wonderful job you have done with this event. You are seriously one of the nicest groups of people I have ever met. The support that I saw out there today made me smile numerous times. The teens and adults seem to love the little riders and all of the head rubs, hand shakes, and “high fives” mean so much to those kids. So again, Thank you! from all of us in the Wells family.







and one of our good friend. Her parents run “The Second Gear Club” out of Calgary, this group of people is also fabulous and puts on many wonderful events for all ages of riders.


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