pictures of hoarfrost in Calgary Alberta…

We awoke this morning in Calgary to beautiful hoarfrost covering every surface in sight. It made for a happy morning while everyone got ready for school, I grabbed my camera as we were heading out the door hoping to capture some pictures that could possibly show the beauty that surrounded us.

Hoarfrost graces us with it’s presence just a few times a year, which somehow makes it even more special. A definition of hoarfrost for those that may not know…

Radiation frost (also called hoar frost or hoarfrost) refers to the white ice crystals, loosely deposited on the ground or exposed objects, that form on cold clear nights when radiation losses into the open skies cause objects to become colder than the surrounding air.

As we were pulled out of the driveway, the sun came up and put added a sparkle to each tiny ice crystal. We dropped the big boys at school and Kiana, Adam and I headed down to Fish Creek park. Kiana got out of the van and we explored for a moment, closely checking it all out and watching as the wind blew just a little bit and made some of the crystals fly into the air. It honestly looked like magic.

I happily snapped away to my hearts content, not knowing if I could capture the beauty, I think I caught some but until you have seen this for yourself, you have no idea just how beautiful it is. The pictures don’t catch the sparkles like in real life. After we were done, Kiana convinced me to stop at McDonalds for some pancakes with that delicious syrup that I don’t think you can even get anywhere else. Yum. The kids ate and I drove on to Spruce Meadows and got some more shots. Only after I was frozen to the bone, and the McDonalds was all eaten up, did we head home.

If you are a photographer, you’ll know what I mean when I say that taking pictures like this creates a kind of euphoria. I didn’t want to stop shooting, if I was alone I’m sure I would have seen a million other ways to take more pictures. You don’t stop looking, watching for that perfect shot, the perfect light, the ideal tree branch or frost covered surface. There’s nothing like that feeling, it keeps you excited and happy all day. I love my job.

Here is just a small smattering of the images that I got this morning, enjoy!









bmg_8790acr.jpg bmg_8765a.jpg

and one more just because I thought it was funny.


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  • BL - beautiful indeed.
    Love ya,

  • judy - Hi Michelle

    I looked at your pictures again this morning and expected to see my comment but no go. So I’m back again. I loved seeing your photos of the frost. I looked at this with pleasure on the way to work yesterday and lucky you guys got to be outside with treats and all. I love seeing your work and your artist is growing more and more

    Thanks for sharing

  • Heather - Hi Michelle
    These are gorgeous. I thought of taking some yesterday but the rush of the morning overtook those intentions.

  • kristie - Michelle- these are beautiful!!! I have never heard of this before…but it seems to me that you have definitely done it justice! The shot with the church is perfect!!!