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Sometimes it is just nice to be outside, by yourself, enjoying the wonder of the world and destressing.  Today was one of those days for me.  Ryan and Tasha, these are for you.  I wish you hope and strength.

Calgary Fish Creek Winter

Calgary Hoarfrost Pictures 2


Calgary Hoarfrost Fishcreek

Fishcreek Hoarfrost

Calgary Hoarfrost

Calgary Snowflake

Calgary Hoarfrost Fishcreek

Calgary Hoarfrost Fishcreek4

Hoarfrost B

Calgary Winter Picture 3

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  • Melanie - Absolutely gorgeous Michelle!

  • Donna - Have you considered entering some of these to National Geographic? You really should:

  • Rhonda Stark - gorgeous .. we had some here and i was tempted to go out .. but didn’t and now i’m kicking myself 🙂

  • Jen Harr - what fun! Gorgeously captured.

  • Jessi - What stunning and detailed images!! Makes winter not look so bad after all! lol

  • Kelly R. - GORGEOUS snow pictures. I love them all.

  • patti m - who knew that snow could be so beautiful?? Really makes you look at the common every day a little bit differently. thank you for that!!

  • Kate - Beautiful! What gorgeous winter shots!!!!

  • Amii - Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! There is so much beauty and peace in your pictures!

  • ginny - wow. these are simply amazing. so cool to see the uniqueness and delicacy of an individual snowflake!

  • Shannon Pratt - Stunning Michelle.

  • Shannon - such beauty — I LOVE your winter photos (want to come teach me!!)

  • sam - ditto on the beauty of your pics. I absolutely love the snow and frost and the beauty of the sun shining on it and you make it that much more beautiful!! I too think they would look beautiful on the wall.

  • michelle l - these are gorgeous michelle. i love the place from where they were taken. you are a wonderful friend and person.

  • Janet Pliszka - these take my breath away michelle. beautiful. and you have a beautiful heart.

  • cindy - Such beautiful art, Michelle!

  • amanda - wow! Beautiful michelle!

  • Jacquie - beautiful!!! I think I’d like one blown up for my living room wall!