a house is made of bricks and beams…

a home is made of love and dreams… that is exactly what this home has been made of.  I arrived at this house on Crescent Hill and when the door opened I was amazed.  Rupi and Ravi have poured their hearts into this house to make it theirs.  It is now a full house with 2 beautiful children and a lot of love.  Rupi wanted to capture that in portraits that captured their life together in a home that has so much personality.

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  • Natasha Whiteley - o wow, these are awesome

  • Chelsey - Michelle, I’ve looked at this post a number of times now (so if I’ve commented already – 🙂 you know why!) what a beautiful home… already filled with so many memories that I can see in each of your previews here… what a wonderful gift to this family!

  • laurie - these are great- beautiful home and family!

  • Megan - Great family shots Michelle…love the ones of mom and babe..and you’re right..looks like a gorgeous home!

  • Kostas - Beautiful, Awesome, and Amazing pics you guys! Great images Michelle! I love the one of the brothers together…

  • michelle - In reply to the question from Pat – I didn’t use off camera but some of the rooms were very dark so I did bounce flash from different directions in some of the images.

  • Kacey Fotopoulos - Michelle….Rupi….I LOVE these. The combo of the perfect photographer and this beautiful family is sensational. I think my fav is the one where Rupi is holding Taj by the window and he is smiling.

  • pat - lovely photos. The lighting is beautiful, I am curious…is it all natural light or did you use some off camera flash?

  • amanda andrews - oh i love these michelle! such great interaction in a lovely home!

  • Jessi - These are beautiful Michelle!!

  • Carrie Young - what a beautiful place & a lovely family 😀

  • Shannon - What fun images. Love the tongue sticking out that is so what this age is about!

  • Patti - Great captures… so full of life and love.

  • Melanie - Beautiful photos! Love the quote about a home!

  • Natalie - love these Michelle!!! Great captures.