Cake Smash! | Wyatt and Rhett

Watching these two with their cakes was hilarious.  Wyatt attacked his with both hands and ate it some what like a cave man would devour a cake.  Rhett gingerly swiped some icing with one finger and then licked it off.  He watched Wyatt for a moment, to check out his cake eating technique and then went happily back to his own style.  Both were absolutely covered in sticky butter cream icing afterwards so Haley and I carried them to the tub and attempted to get them clean.  Icing does leave a bit of a film though.  Plus, when it gets up your nose it isn’t the easiest to remove.  🙂  Happy Birthday Wyatt and Rhett!  I hope your first birthday today is lots of fun.

calgary_cake_smashfirst birthday photographer calgarycake_smash_photographer

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