Brody, Evan and Roland | calgary newborn photography

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing these three little monkeys today!  Born just 2 1/2 weeks ago these boys are already growing like weeds and are content, healthy and home with their parents.  They are three of the happiest babies I’ve seen.  Even through their bath time all I heard was the odd little squeak as they were lifted in or out of the tub but as soon as the towel was wrapped around them they were back to happy.  So sweet.  Their older cousin has already figured out which triplet is like which chipmunk.  She’s figured out Alvin, Theodore and Simon.  We’ll see if their personalities match up when they are older.  🙂

As always… it is tough for me to only show a few because there are so many more portraits that are completely adorable!  It was so tough to choose.

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  • Jenelle - Oh Michelle, wow…you did amazing with triplets, they look very content!

  • Cheryl Johnson - I can’t do what you do with one baby let alone three – simply stunning Michelle x

  • Chelsey - Oh Michelle!!! I was hoping by the title that meant triplets – how adorable!!! It’s been a few years since we’ve had a set of triplets here. The town a few over has a 6-month old set. Lucky you! They are so adorable!

  • Jacquie - Love these pictures. I have a very soft spot for triplets right now!