Branka and Stephen | outdoor maternity

The first outdoor maternity shoot of the year! Yay. Seems like old news now since I already blogged their baby photos and it’s now summer but still… this is such a cute family I can’t help but post their photos.

You may notice that one of the photos appears blurry and another has blurred edges. This is done intentionally by shooting through or around an object. It is one of my favourite things to do even though I usually forget to try it out. I get so focused on just capturing the family “correctly” that I don’t take the take to experiment with different creative ideas. For these two photos I picked some grass and held it up close to the lens to create the effect. For the photo with the blurred edges I held the grass to the sides and for the totally blurred photo and shot pretty much right through a tiny opening between the blades of grass.  In this case, the grass was dead and brown (which is actually the one time dead grass is a good thing) but you may get a green tint if you use nice, non-dead grass.

If you’re new, and haven’t tried this, I highly recommend it! It’s fun and you’ll create something you may not have done before which is always exciting for photographers. You can shoot between tree leaves, through grass, between flowers etc. The sky is the limit so get crazy. Feel free to email me your experiments! I’d love to see them. Outdoor maternity photos are the perfect place to do this since couples tend to stay much more still than the kiddo’s do.

Outdoor Maternity Photography

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