Bragg Creek – Macro Photography

Do you ever end a day and say “that was a pretty perfect day”? I admit I’ve been getting a little bit bored lately of my day to day life. I went to bed last night thinking to myself “tomorrow I am going to have a great day” and I woke up and told myself today was going to be different. On Tuesdays I drop my two youngest with my friend for the morning so that I can work, but today I played hooky (a perk when you work for yourself).

I helped Terry fix the starter on the boat. I guess technically I didn’t help, mostly I just stuck my arm in an impossibly tiny hole and held up a part while he put the bolts in. After that I jumped in my van, with my camera of course, and headed to Bragg Creek. I was planning on stopping to see my cousins wife’s antique store but it was closed, ok, no big deal. I then went across the street to where there used to be a really cool place that sold really cool old stuff, not antiques, just neat things. I was hoping to find a prop or two but the place was gone, just like that, voila – disappeared. Darn. Ok, change of plans. I drove to the river, got my camera out and took a few pictures. I’m not a scenery, flowery kind of photographer, it’s a challenge for me to get a great shot so I gave up, sat down and enjoyed the sound of the river, the smell in the air, and the wind in my hair. It felt so amazingly nice, if you know me, you know I’m an outdoor girl at heart.

While I was sitting there an amazing thing happened. I saw a butterly, I watched it for a bit, followed it for a bit, tried to take a picture which wasn’t very successful because the silly thing would sit for more than 2 seconds and macro lenses don’t focus very quickly, especially when I’m behind the camera and I’m not used to the lens. While I was watching the butterfly, I started noticing other things. So many other things, I never would have seen them if it hadn’t been for that butterfly. I was so happy, ecstatic really, to discover all of these teeny tiny things to photograph so I started snapping pictures, and as I did I saw more, and more!!! I felt calm and at peace while I wandered even though I knew I had a busy afternoon ahead. I headed home after only an hour or so because I had to take lunches to school for the boys, pick up the younger ones and drop my daughter at kindergarten. After that was done I grabbed the truck put Adam in and drove to help my Mom pick up some bricks for her garden. We loaded the bricks, unloaded the bricks at her house, started building the wall but didn’t get very far because both my Mom and I seem to be inept at precision work. I left to pick the kids up from school. Apparently after that my Dad took over and finished the whole thing in no time. That’s what he does, he is good at everything. It’s freaky actually but that’s a story for another day.

Soooo, if you’ve read this far, thank you. 🙂 Enjoy the pictures, I had so much fun taking them and knowing that I could share them with all of you made it even that much better. My favorites are the first one and the dandelions.



calgary-butterfly.jpg calgary-photographer.jpg


michelle-wells-photography-e.jpg michelle-wells-photography-a.jpg

calgary-photographer-f.jpg calgary-photographer-l.jpg




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  • Lisa - These are WONDERFUL. You are making me want to get myself a macro. I love them! They look like they should be hanging framed!

  • Diana - The dandelion ones are so amazing! Love the macros! (but not the focus time) :0)

  • judy - Michelle
    These pictures are very beautiful, you have talent and an eye, love them. Very perfect morning
    A favorite quote “the real voyage of dicovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”. Marcel Proust