Magnus { calgary newborn pictures }

Some babies are more relaxed and comfortable in this new world than others. This little one was one of those babies. Relaxed, calm, and happy with his existence.  He was one of those babies that I could have photographed all day long in many different poses, props and colours and he  probably would have co-operated and not even known what was going on during his sweet slumber.

I took a photo that shows a little more of the surroundings during the shoot and I’m going to blog about it soon. It might help other clients to understand what happens during the shoot and ease the surprise when, on the day of their session, I show up at their door with my ginormous bright pink bean bag.  🙂

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Twins! { calgary newborn photography }

Introducing Mia and Micah.

These two babies have a special place in my heart! I get to help out with their care at night so their mom and dad can get some much needed sleep. They have started smiling and telling stories and are pretty much the sweetest babies ever!


When you find out you are having twins it is both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Here are some tips from Danielle (their mom) of  her favourite must have essentials to help you out when you have twins.

Baby Brezza  It’s like a coffee maker, only it’s for baby formula. It even comes out warm! If you are unable to exclusively breastfeed and need to supplement with formula this is a lifesaver!

A bottle warmer and a good bottle system. We like Dr. Browns. You’ll need tons of bottles.

Medela Symphony hospital grade pump – to increase milk supply and maximize efficiency. You can rent it at Wee Feed in Calgary.

A Pack and Play – our twins don’t like being separated in bassinets.

Swings and bouncy chairs, these are a lifesaver for when you are alone and need another pair of hands to rock a baby.

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddles are our favourite for a good nights sleep.

A Postpartum Doula – for breastfeeding support, helping you get the babies on a schedule (imperative for twins) and general postpartum support. We used Jacquie Kesler

What to do when You’re Having Two – this is the best book we could find to help prepare us.
I’m going to add two of my own favourites as well!

KicKee Pants These are amazing sleepers/footies! They are super soft and always seem to fit just perfectly without squishing the little toes.<a

Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow  Great for nursing of course but also for feeding bottles (even tandem) or just snuggling baby with a little support for your arms.






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Beatrice and Amelia

Life with twins is nothing short of busy. These two little girls are the daughters of Laurie. Laurie runs birthing classes here in Calgary! If you are having a baby please have a peek at her website here to see everything she has to offer!.

She is a few weeks in to the new world of life with twins and the advice that she offers is wonderful.

Laurie’s advice: gather a village before the babies arrive and lean on them after. Ask for help as you need. Accept help as you need. Trust in your own instincts and be prepared to be flexible…not that you can really prepare for that. I’m trying my best to treat them as two individual babies with their own needs not just as a pair.
She’s a smart girl!

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