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Watching your children make friends is a wonderful thing… especially when those friends are so great.  Evan started junior high school  last year and within a few weeks of starting he made all new friends.  He honestly has the best group of friends a child could ask for.  They are smart, nice, respectful and hilarious.  Evan had his birthday party a few weeks ago and I actually had to put down my camera to pull out the video camera so I could get the conversation on video.  Terry and I were standing at the counter watching them eat cake at the table and we were both laughing the whole time.  He is a lucky boy.

Here he is with his friend Ben and their crazy Vurtego Pogo sticks that are enough to give me a heart attack every time they jump…

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined Evan and Ben

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  • Chelsey - Holy cow that is much to high for me!!! These are great. I love seeing their friendship ‘on film’. Looks like Jr. High is treating everyone well!