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Road trips are one of my favourite things. Gravel roads, golden fields, crisp blue lakes and raging rivers all seem to call my name when i am out and about.  The most beautiful road is the road less travelled, the long way home. Try as I might, the beauty that I see is difficult to capture on film. It’s an art with a life of it’s own.

rundle mountain minnewonka

Capturing the scene is not as simple as setting the camera and clicking the shutter.  What seems to be beautiful with the eyes, is not always what is beautiful through the lens.  Simplicity, lines, light, shadows, textures, shapes… so many elements… and so much confusion.  Where to even start?

For a while now I have been admiring the work of Paul Zizka. He’s a photographer, and artist. The way he captures landscapes always amazes me. My friend Lindsay and I spent some time learning from him near Banff a couple of days ago. Seeing things through his eyes was, well, an eye opener to say the least.  I realized that landscapes really are a difficult subject.  They are both still and moving at the same time. Light changes in the blink of an eye. Small sections are often more beautiful than the whole scene. There are a million more things he taught us, and a million more to learn. He is a wonderful teacher, a wonderful person, a wonderful artist.  It was an honour to have him share his knowledge and it is a gift that I will use over and over.

These photos were taken by the light of the moon at Lake Minnewanka and Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park.  Yes, it was pitch dark.  Yes, I was scared of wildlife.  Yes we were frozen by the time we left.  Yes, every lit bit was worth it.

lake minnewankaminnewanka moonlight

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