Baby Crosby – calgary baby photography

A new baby brother for MacIntyre.  Just two guys, hanging out looking at trucks.  The first of many times I’m sure.

It was fun to see MacIntyre again.  He’s grown so big! – and his eyelashes are completely amazing as you can see.  He loves his little brother and held him just perfectly! Sometimes one of the parents (who are always standing within arms reach at all times) have to jump in and help out a little when an older sibling decides they are done holding the new baby, but MacIntyre did wonderfully.  It’s always so fun to watch little ones with their new baby.  Every one is different and sweet and wonderful.  It’s days like today, with wonderful people, that I love my job the  most.

Almost two years ago I did MacIntyre’s newborn photos! Have a peek here.

calgary baby pictures mc

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