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Delicate, fresh, innocent, new.  A baby.  Sweet as can be.  Each one as sweet as the last.  Baby Audrey was not exception.  She was one of the best sleepers I have had in a while and was a little angel throughout the whole session.  Photographing these newborns takes an instant out of time, stopping time for just that moment when the shutter is clicked.  Saving that memory for parents to look at in a week when their newborn suddenly stretches out, opens it’s eyes for longer periods of time and embraces the world.  To look at in 8 months when their baby is sitting up munching on cheerios in it’s highchair.  It is hard to imagine that in only 8 short months a baby can accomplish so much.  This is exactly why I love this job.  I know how special each moment is, and sadly, how quickly it is forgotten.  Sometimes I look at my pictures and my memory is jarred.  It is almost as though I am taken back to that exact day, that exact moment.  It seems so real that I feel as though I can actually smell that sweet baby smell.  sigh.

For an adult eight months flies by.  I know that eight months ago it was August.  I know I was camping with my children but it is hard to remember one specific moment.  It seems like yesterday and yet if it were yesterday I know I would remember more of what happened.  I could take out my photo albums, yes folks, I am old fashioned and I do have photo albums.  In fact I remember a few images that are in there.  Kiana sitting on the beach talking to her Daddy (who was still in Calgary) on the phone, Adams pudgy toes covered in sand, my niece Jocelyn holding on to her mom’s leg while peeking around at the camera, her big eyes shining bright and her curly blond hair looking so sweet.  See… these are moments I know without a doubt would have been forgotten had I not captured them.  Don’t forget to capture your moments.  Every. single. day.

Look at little Audrey here.  See how she fits in her little chair?  Picture her sitting proudly there at 8 or 9 months old.  A smile on her face because she has accomplished so much.  Now picture those two images side by side… see her grow right before your eyes.

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  • Shannon Pratt - What a beautiful little girl. the lighting in these is gorgeous Michelle.

  • Cheryl Johnson - what a gorgeous little girl – beautiful images Michelle

  • Ali Hohn - I love the nukie one! (paci) I just think it’s so cute!

  • cindy - The picture of Audrey in the pink chair is so sweet. It would be cool to see her grow compared to the chair.