Angel’s Drive In

Driving in to Bowness Park for a session a couple of weeks ago, I noticed Angel’s Drive In right there on the corner and thought it might be a great place to shoot.  After I met Jennifer’s family and shot some portraits of them in the Park I thought they would be a great family to take to the Drive In too… so we went!  I had only seen the outside previously but the inside was right out of a movie.  Checkered floors, records on the ceiling, juke boxes at each table; even the other patrons fit the mood.  Jennifer’s kids loved it and waited patiently for their order to come up so they could have a snack after all of their hard work being models.

Edited a little differently than normal and since I couldn’t decide whether I should put the simply edited photos on the blog, or these ones – I decided what the heck.  Live a little.  🙂  So here you go, a little something different from me today.


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