Adam and Bonnie

From the looks of things outside it doesn’t seem like spring is anywhere close to making an appearance in Calgary. Today anyway. Their are some things that are saying that spring is on the horizon. Things that some people may not notice – but I do. The smell on a warmer day – of sweet trees working to start their leaves growing again. The number of pregnant women that I saw at Ikea last week. Or do pregnant people just love Ikea? It seemed like there were an unusual number though. I’m thinking maybe they want to start their maternity leave in the spring so they can enjoy the summer with their new baby? The calf I saw huddled close to it’s momma last week. The fact that if the driveway doesn’t get shovelled it’s only a matter of days, or even hours for the snow to melt. Thank goodness for that because I did send one of my kids out to shovel (twice) on Sunday but both times there was apparently fun to be had and shovelling the driveway is NOT considered to be fun.

Bonnie and Adam will be enjoying their new little bundle of joy just in time to enjoy the beauty that spring brings along with it. They braved the chilly wind and made it out to do the photos before the big snow storm on Sunday. Believe it or not we actually had to look for areas where there was snow! Also, just because the ground looks like it could be dry, it isn’t. Learned that lesson the hard way right Adam?

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