Abigail and Charlotte | calgary twins portraits

Little Abigail and Charlotte made their appearances in to the world a little bit early and had to spend some time in the hospital before getting getting to come home.  Because of this they were already a month old when they had their portrait session.  I was a little nervous going in to this session because portraits with twins can sometimes be a little bit tougher than with one baby.  When Jenelle and I arrived and found there  was no power (Okotoks) I started to panic.  How do you keep two one month old babies warm without being able to plug in a little heater?  Dad saved the day with a rechargeable power bar that we could plug in to for a short period.  Thank goodness!  We warmed things up and unplugged and hoped for the best.  Thank goodness Jenelle from Beauti Photography in Cochrane was there with us to help out!  I think that helped me to stay calm as well.

The good news?  The power came back on shortly after we started shooting.  I was soooo grateful!  I think we all were.

Charlotte and Abigail are tiny identical girls and there is only 1 pound difference between them.  What a difference that makes!  I can’t wait to see what they will look like when they are a little older as right now it is so easy to tell them apart.

Mom and Dad were awesome and you can tell that after only a month they are already seasoned parents and just kind of go with the flow.  Nothing fazed them… nothing.  I’m not going to go in to much detail but I’m thinking that Dad may have needed a shower by the time we were done.  He was super cool about it all.  That’s a Dad of twins for you!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

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  • Helene Drouin Fournier - All the pictures are wonderful, you can see there was a professional at work.
    A beautiful family, loving parents and two little adorable angels.

  • Jenelle Quigley - Michelle these photos are that much more amazing having been there……so so perfect! You are incredible with these little babies!! What a sweet family.

  • Michelle Kunz - Mike and Jen make beautiful parents and they have waited so long for these two miracles. Enjoy!

    I love the picture of them swirled around each other. It’s how they would have been in the womb…cozy.


  • Theresa Stadnyk - LOVE the photos. You are so blessed and what a beautiful family!! Can’t wait to see the rest!!

  • Karen Doerksen - These pictures are priceless! I love their little hats, absolutely adorable! The Rioux family is truly blessed with these two precious little Angels!

  • Kim, Justine and Erica - Awwwwww! That was the comments from all of us for all the pictures. Beautiful and true- just like the Rioux Family!

  • The Litschke's - Beautiful, stunning, what an amazing keepsake to enjoy for years to come!

  • Kathy Lomas - Absolutely the most perfect pictures!!!! The love for each other and the precious twins radiates

  • christine - Beautiful!

  • Tammy Bagshaw - I love these pictures sooo much. Anyone that knows the story of this wonderful family knows how much of a blessing and miracle these babies are. Truely deserving parents and a beautiful family. Great pictures! 🙂

  • Aulis Tiitto - Great pictures, Pa Pa Tiitto.

  • Susan Duff - Abigail and Charlotte look like Anne Geddes babies!!! Beautiful photos….and absolutely lovely shots of mom and dad! There is a warm glow that is captured in every photo that portrays the true beauty of this family

  • Paulette Rioux - I know I’m a little biased but these have to be the most beautiful baby pictures that I’ve ever seen. They brought tears to my eyes. How you get the babies to do what you want them to do is amazing. Thank you this is something so wonderful we’ll have to treasure all our lives. I want one.

    Paulette Rioux