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A new day has begun.  Kids are back at school (well, other than the sick ones still at home).  Christmas has past… New Years as well.  Most of it in a blur of busyness.  We had dinner at a friends house last night and she asked what I got for Christmas and I could barely remember.  I know it is partly because the gifts are the least important part for me but it’s also because it seemed so long ago.  The only trace remaining is the odd Christmas decoration that Terry missed when he packed everything away.  Yes, he did the putting away.  I was off skiing in Montana with the kids while he was here working.  I’m a lucky girl. I’m lucky not only because he is a wonderful man but because we had a wonderful holiday spent with family.  We had so much fun.  So many wonderful moments.  Wonderful kids.  Yes… wonderful is the word of choice this morning because I feel so blessed.  So incredibly blessed.

Some days when my alarm goes off in the morning I will admit that I just want to sleep.  Just a little bit longer.  Another sick child, another school lunch to make, maybe too much work on my plate, a messy house.  Any number of reasons.  Most days aren’t like that.  Remember, I’m a lucky girl and with that comes a mostly happy me.  When the day does start like that though I try to put on a smile.  Today, this is my smile.  This blog post.  A Christmas post.  A reminder of what I have in my life that is wonderful.  Never perfect really, but still amazing.  I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and will continue on in to a happy new year ahead.

With that… a little explanation of the pictures.  I handed my camera off this year to others, hoping to capture some moments that I knew I wouldn’t be able to since I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to pictures.  I wanted the moments this year, not just a perfect picture. The first set is christmas morning at our house.  Six kids means a ton of mess and a lot of fun. The snow pictures are our boxing day.  I have three sisters and this year we were all together for Christmas and boxing day.  How great is that?  We spent the day with our families on my parents acreage near Sylvan Lake.  Sledding, cross country skiing, hot dog roasting, hot chocolate drinking and snowmobiling.  It was a perfect day.  After that I took the kids on a very impromptu ski trip to Whitefish, Montana.  Partially to ward off the boredom that I knew would come, partly to just enjoy time with them.  I’d like to say it’s good to be back but I would rather still be there.  🙂

And lastly, I have started a 365 project with my kids.  Technically this year it will be a 366 since it’s a leap year.  Basically, it means I take at least one picture every single day of the year and share it online with friends and family.  I’m not sure yet if I’ll share here, on facebook or on a new family blog but I’ll decide soon and if you want to keep up with us you are more than welcome to watch as our year unfolds.



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  • Yvonne - Great images. Looks like some great memories are being made with your family!

  • Dawn - What a beautiful bunch of kids! It looks like they had the best time.

  • Shannon S - Looks like you had a great holiday. I will look forward to seeing your project (which ever you decide to do).

  • Danna - so much happiness and love in these images…*wonderful* post!! 😀