a friend.

Today I went to have a look at my beautiful friend Michelle Loewen’s blog.  Every single time I visit there I feel happy inside.  Right down to my toes.  She is an amazing photographer, a wonderful mom and a beautiful person inside and out.

She lives on the beautiful Vancouver Island on a piece of land near Victoria, her own private paradise complete with two children, chickens that lay eggs and the cutest dog ever.  She shares pictures of all of those things on her blog.  They aren’t just pictures though… they are pieces of her heart that she shares as art.  Each and every image is perfect and beautiful.  The images of her food that she shares makes my mouth water even though I can’t smell it from here, that’s how real it is.  Whether it be a pie, cookies, soup, or a full blown lemonade stand or tea party I wish I were there to have a bite, or a sip.  Go ahead, take an adventure over to Michelle’s blog.  First though, grab a coffee, or a lemonade and then sit back, relax and enjoy.  Click here to start your adventure.

Michelle captured some amazing memories of my family last year while we were vacationing on the island.  You can see them here.

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  • Chelsey - Both Michelle’s do wonderful work! 🙂 I’ll take one of each, please 😉