a crazy Halloween day…

I have to say – today has been a bit insane.  Pretty perfect, but insane.  The day started with getting up early because today, for the very first time, the kids were all allowed to dress up to go to school.  They were excited this morning as everyone got in to their costumes.  Of course, with 4 kids everything always takes longer than I think it should.  You would think that after so many years I would figure this out but it seems that we are always running out of time.  We are very rarely late for anything but sometimes things get a bit hairy as we try to get out the door.  “K”‘s hair took much longer to curl than I thought it would, “A” (2 years old) thought he should try out the face paint because red painted lips would look pretty cool on himself, and I had newborn portraits that I had to prepare for as well.  I finished “K”‘s hair with 30 seconds to spare before it was time for Terry to take them all to school, got “A”‘s lipstick wiped off the best I could, packed his bag to go to Grandmas house and whisked everyone out the door.

I got to my newborn portrait session 2 minutes late (after being sort of -kind of lost for a while) and after that things started to slow down.  The portrait session was a dream, I completed it, stopped for a quick lunch, picked up “A” at Grandmas, came home on time for the kids to get home from school and then prepared for Trick or Treating.  Everyone was in a great mood as we decorated and got ready.  “A” was hilarious going up to each door, yelling trick or TREAT, telling everyone he was a ladybug and then saying “thank you guy” before turning to walk down the steps.  It is so cute to watch toddlers trick or treat.  “K” was great, easy as always and the big boys went out with their friends for the very first time.  They both made out like bandits with their pillowcases half full of candy.  The next week around here should be fun with sugar highs and candy wrappers scattered all over the whole house no matter how many times I ask them all to eat it in the kitchen.  sigh.







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  • Natasha Whiteley - your kids are super cute and great job with the costumes!

  • Cheryl Johnson - certainly does sound like a hectic day 🙂 the kiddies look great though & probably enjoyed all your hard work

  • Scott & Kim - Great pics as always Michelle (love the bee)! We had a great Halloween also 🙂 Sorry if we contributed to your exhaustion, but we really appreciate your work and your efforts! Keep it up!