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Our family owns some land (a quarter section) just north of Sylvan Lake.  It has a 1920’s farmhouse that my parents have spent many hours loving back in to a useable home.  We’ve spent many many week-ends there over the years.  It’s a space my sisters and I all love, as do our children.  I am so thankful to my parents for having a vision and creating amazing childhood, and adulthood, memories for all of us.  Climbing trees, going on picnics, horseback riding (and falling off ), canoeing (and the odd broken nose), dirtbiking (a couple of more broken bones), driving through the paths in the trees and up and down the “rollercoaster” hills and getting stuck in the the swamps along the way.  Quietly reading a book, swinging on the tree swing, walking through the trees, pancakes in the morning, staring at the clouds.  Learning to build things, light campfires, chop wood, be self sufficient with no running water or electricity.  It’s all an adventure we love, an adventure we are so lucky to be on.  It’s just amazing, special, wonderful.  Honestly, those words don’t do it justice.  None do.

Last week-end we spent some time there and noticed these butterflies flitting their way across the beautiful Lilac trees.  There were a million things to be done but I stopped to take some pictures.  My wonderful hubby and children got the motorhome settled in and barbequed the burgers, my sister walked by quite a few times but I was so distracted I didn’t notice what she was doing.  They didn’t ask once why I wasn’t helping.  They just let me take pictures.  Over the years they have somehow adapted to my strange “stop everything and document something” habits and I’m grateful for that too.

Meet these very friendly (and maybe a little show-offish) Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies.  There were three of them and they loved the camera as much as it loved them.  You can read about them on the Canadian Forestry Website.  It’s really quite neat.  Adam has had cocoons and butterflies in his classroom this year , as has Kiana in the past so we’ve learned all about them.  The little orange guy was all alone and very shy.  It’s a Painted Lady.  You can read about them here. Check this out… you can order your very own butterfly kit  so that your children can watch cocoons turn in to butterflies and then release them into your garden.  How cool would that be?

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  • sam - Michelle, you are amazing. Love them all. Love Sam

  • Donna - The contrast of the butterflies and the lilac flowers is just beautiful! You have an amazing photographic eye. The scent of lilacs is one of my favorite spring smells. I could practically smell them in your pictures.